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A quick collection of my projects.

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I built the first version of this website during the latter half of quarantine to rate movies that my friends and I had watched over discord. Then decided it needed a remodel, and created ScuffedMDB (Movie-rating V2.0), made with NextJS and ChakraUI. It has been great to make a website, that not only all my friends can use, but other people can use (and have :)) for their own movie rating sites.

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My Website


I was looking through Lee Rob's and Daniel Wirtz's websites one afternoon, and decided I need one for myself (you might see a few similarities 🙃 ). I learnt a lot about NextJS and Chakra, and had a great time making it.



I wanted to learn how to use JavaScript and this project helped me dive into it. MikeBot utilised the discord API via discord.js to perform a variety of tasks from moderation, games, and general fun. I spent ages over quarantine on this project, and is where I started learning JS.

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A quick tool I whipped up to help count worm tracks in grids on pictures of agar plates. Pretty weird, and super scuffed, but it worked well for the short time it was used.


A list of all of the public repositories on my GitHub.

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